4000 lb ShoreStation manual boat lift for sale

ShoreStation Free-Standing Manual Boat Lift (4000lb Capacity)

Regular price $ 7,315.00 Sale

The ShoreStation is a free-standing boat lift. It has weight capacities ranging from 2000-7000lbs and includes the following features:

  • Manual, hydraulic, and solar power options.
  • Aluminum frame with stainless steel cables.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Securely installed yet portable.

The featured model is a 4000lb manual lift, which starts at $7,315.* Does not include installation or shipping.

*Price varies depending on optional additions, such as the Revolution or Legacy Canopy and Power Curtain that give increased sun protection and help keep your boat clean and out of the elements.

Call for your free estimate at 352-394-5666.