About RJ's Boat Lifts

“We do what we say we are going to do, for what we said we would do it for, when we said we would do it” - Dick and Pam

The Cavender family believes in keeping things simple. The philosophy behind RJ’s Boat Lifts, Inc., the family business since 1985, is to stick with what you do well and offer it at a great price. That motto has worked well for them. Our mission statement has always been to offer quality products for the price we quote at the time we promised! RJ’s Boat Lifts, Inc. is the place to go when you’re in need of a variety of boat lifts and boat lift services. We sell, service and install boat lift cradles, Jet Ski lifts, boat hoists and accessories. Dick and Pam Cavender (shown above) know a boat or personal watercraft is a large investment. That’s why they go above and beyond to make sure each client receives the best possible solution for their boating needs.

RJ’s Boat Lifts, Inc. is an authorized dealer of ShoreStation boatlifts and docks. The company offers aluminum freestanding boatlifts and docks for boats and personal watercraft between 800 and 7,000 pounds. Another standout name in the boating industry is EZ Dock. A good choice for water levels that vary, the EZ Dock floats on the water’s surface, rising and falling with the tides and seasons. Just like the ShoreStation lifts and docks, EZ Docks are portable. They can be moved not only in the water to create a variety of layouts, but also from house to house and state to state. It’s one of the most stable docks on the market today. Also in stock is Boat Hoist USA products. For boat owners with a boat house, the most common type of lift system used is the cradle lift. With the cradle lift, the boat is completely out of the water. This protects your boat’s well-being and lessens maintenance issues. R.J.’s is now offering the newest boat lift technology on the market, the brand new Hydraulic Boat House Lift; it is the fastest lift on the market.

But no matter what your need, the professionals at RJ’s can make it happen. In business since 1985, the Cavender family has installed, maintained, and repaired literally thousands of boat lifts and docks. We are very service-oriented. What we enjoy most is meeting with our clients and giving them a little slice of the good life by installing or maintaining their boat lift or dock. R.J.’s covers Lake County Fl., Orange County Fl., Polk County Fl., Volusia County Fl., Osceola County Fl., and all of Central Florida; including North and South Florida.

Some of the people who have trusted us to do business with:

*Universal Studios



*Carney Island Park (7 semi loads of boat lifts in this massive project)