AV7 7500 Aluminum Cradle Boat Lift Kit

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The AV7 aluminum cradle with aluminum poly-coated bunks is the most versatile cradle on the market. This kit comes complete with:

  • AV7 aluminum cradle with bunks (10’9” long, which is 2’ longer than the AV5 cradle).
  • BH6500 aluminum gear plate with a 1 h.p. motor, 16’ of wire, and a switch.
  • 2 heavy-duty h-bearings.
  • 2 18” welded pipe brackets.
  • 145’ of ¼” galvanized cable complete with thimbles and cable clamps.
  • A 2” x 10 ½ galvanized pipe.
  • 4 snatch blocks with a grease zirc.
  • A bolt bag that will accommodate double 2x’s for beams.

This kit is rated for a 7500lb boat and starts at $4,485*. Does not include installation or shipping.

*Price varies depending on optional additions, such as the Gem Remote. This remote allows you to operate your lift at the touch of a button and can be set up for most lifts. 

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