Are Floating Boat Docks Worth It? 5 Benefits of Floating Docks Vs. Fixed Docks

Floating Docks: Are They Worth It? Find Out if They're Right For You!
If you live on a lake, you probably have a dock or have considered purchasing one at some point. Traditional wooden docks are considered permanent additions and often require a permit or permission from your community to install them. Wooden docks also require regular maintenance and wear down over time.

Floating docks, on the other hand, are less invasive, easier to maintain and last just as long without the wear! But does that make them the better choice for you?

Let’s find out!

In this post, were going to look at five benefits of EZ Dock floating dock systems:

  1. Sturdy
  2. Easy to maintain and repair
  3. Portable
  4. Adaptable
  5. Customizable

EZ Dock is one of the leading brands of floating dock systems, floating boat lifts and PWC lifts (including the EZ Port). Our team of experts has worked with them since 1999 and continues to recommend and install their products for their quality, durability and affordability.

1. Sturdy.

EZ Dock systems can last 20 to 30 years. While traditional wood or metal docks tend to get sun damaged or water damaged over the years, floating dock systems raise and lower with the water levels, preventing additional damage and wear from the waves.

A floating EZ Dock with a ladder

Floating docks move with the water levels, making them resistant to wear.

EZ Docks are also made from a casted polyethylene, so they won’t rust, chip or splinter like other dock systems. This material also makes them resistant to UV-fading and denting from debris, giving them long life and making them easy to maintain.

2. Easy to maintain and repair.

EZ Dock systems require little to no maintenance. Unlike traditional wooden docks, you won’t need to replace splintered boards or remove rusted nails to keep them in peak condition.

A floating dock alongside a free-standing boat lift with a canopy on a lake

Floating dock systems require little to no maintenance.

If part of your EZ Dock system is damaged, the individual section can be easily replaced. It can be washed with soap and water to keep them looking new, but they won’t rust, chip or splinter like other dock systems.

3. Portable.

Unlike traditional docks, EZ Dock and other floating dock systems move with the water. Floating docks rest on the lake’s surface and have brackets that sit over PVC covered pipes, allowing them to raise and lower with the water levels. As water recedes over time or in extended times of drought, the floating docks can also be easily moved back into the water.

A man moves an EZ Port floating PWC lift with his jet ski

Floating docks and PWC ports can be easily relocated.

Traditional docks have anywhere from four to eight pilings anchored six to eight feet into the sand. This makes it a permanent structure that is nearly impossible to move or adjust without major investments of time and money. Floating docks, on the other hand, require only one anchor point for every 20 feet of dock — making it much easier and more cost effective to relocate on the shore or to another lake entirely!

4. Adaptable.

Floating docks are built to handle the elements. They can withstand temperatures as cold as -90 degrees, so you never have to worry about them cracking or freezing in the cold.

A stable floating dock system with PVC pipes and couplings, attached to the shore

EZ Dock systems have textured surfaces to prevent puddles.

If you live in a state like Florida, you won’t need to worry about negative temperatures, however, hot surfaces are a real concern, especially when going barefoot. EZ Dock systems are made out of polyethylene, keeping their surface temperatures low. They are molded with special channels to keep puddles from forming and have textured surfaces to prevent them from becoming slippery. With proper anchoring, they have also survived tropical storms and low-grade hurricanes.

5. Customizable.

Floating dock systems, like EZ Dock, are versatile. These modular dock systems come in various sizes and shapes, giving you maximum options for your dock configuration. The sections are individually coupled together, allowing them to be reconfigured or added on to as your needs change.

An EZ Port floating jet ski lift, a ladder add-on for an EZ Dock section, and a floating Kayak launch and port

 EZ Docks are tailored to fit your lake and watercraft.

Whether you have a jet ski, a kayak, or a boat, these modular dock systems have attachable floating ports (like the EZ Port) to fit your watercraft. There are also a variety of storage add-ons, ladders, seating options and other accessories to customize your dock to suit your needs.

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