What is the Best Jet Ski Lift? Which PWC Lift is Right for You

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Youre looking for a new jet ski, or maybe you just got one. Congratulations! Youre ready to start enjoying your new personal watercraft (PWC), but you want to make sure you take care of it, so you research how to properly maintain, clean and store your jet ski. You start looking online at PWC lift options, but theres a problem: theres so, so many choices.

Do you want an electric or a manual jet-ski lift, or maybe a floating jet-ski dock? How do you know which one is better?

This guide will discuss the following types of jet-ski lifts:

  1. Cradle Lifts
  2. Floating Lifts
  3. Dock-Mount Lifts

But before you start looking at lift options, consider these questions:

  1. Whats your lake setup? Do you have a dock? If so, does it have a boathouse? Or maybe you just have a sandy shoreline – that works too! There are lifts to fit whatever setup you have. Additional information like water depth, the type of lake bottom and your community’s regulations will help your dealer narrow down what kind of lift is best for you.
  2. What kind of watercraft do you have? If you can, have your watercraft’s dimensions and dry weight handy before you start looking at lift options. Lifts are installed to match your watercraft, so knowing this information ahead of time will help you know your options – and help your dealer know what kind of lift is best suited for your watercraft.
  3. Whats your budget? With so many types of lifts on the market, knowing how much you’re willing to spend will narrow down the best lifts for you, whether that be manual, electric or floating. Knowing your budget will also help open up your possibilities and help you answer if you’d like add-ons, like a remote or a Power Curtain.

        When you call a boat lift dealer (that’s what we do), these are the kinds of questions they’re going to ask. Knowing this information ahead of time will help you know what you’re looking for and help your dealer narrow down what’s going to be best for you and your watercraft.

        Now that you have a general idea of what you have and what you’re looking for, let’s go over some of your options, and find the one that will best suit your watercraft and lake setup.

        Cradle Lifts

        Similar to a boathouse lift, these jet-ski lifts hang from the ceiling of a boathouse and consist of a cradle, cables and a motor. The cradle PWC lift is a great option if you have more than one jet ski or might buy more in the future. These lifts can also be operated with a wireless remote and can be used with the Power Curtain to keep your watercraft out of the elements.

        Like boathouse lifts, cradle PWC lifts need regular maintenance. Our team recommends servicing your lift every six months to keep it running at its best. The cables will also need to be replaced every three to five years depending on how much you use it, so keep that in mind before purchasing. 

        This lift is a great option, as it:

        • Mounts in a boathouse
        • Stores multiple jet skis
        • Works with add-ons

        Floating Lifts

        Also called floating jet-ski docks, or EZ Ports, these lifts float on the water’s surface and are one of the most adaptable lifts on the market. Floating jet-ski lifts move with the water level and can be easily relocated. Because they sit on the water’s surface, these lifts allow you to easily drive on.

        These lifts are also a great option if you don’t have an existing boathouse or a dock. They also seamlessly install next to your dock setup, allowing for easy access. Floating lifts require little to no maintenance and are typically cost effective. You can view our pricing here.

        Floating lifts are ideal if you are looking for something that is:

        • Affordable
        • Portable 
        • Easy to use
        • Low maintenance
        • Installed anywhere

        Dock-Mount Lifts

        These jet-ski lifts mount directly to the side of your dock, saving space, adding stability and giving you easy access. These lifts are also available in a variety of options. 

        There are manual jet-ski lifts, operated by a wheel, or lifts powered by an electric motor. The electric options can also work with wireless remote systems and come in higher weight capacities

        These lifts are:

        • Sturdy
        • Affordable
        • Installed alongside a dock
        • Available in multiple options

          Remember to consider all your options when buying a jet-ski lift. Look at your watercraft, your shoreline and budget. Don’t be afraid to do your research and ask questions – that’s what we’re here for.

          Happy shopping!

          For additional questions or for help purchasing a lift, call our office at 352-394-5666 or email us at pam@rjsboatlifts.com.