Should You Buy a Boat Cover? 5 Benefits of Boathouse Screens

Should You Buy a Boat Cover 5 Benefits of Boathouse Screens
Your boat is exposed to the elements year round. Storing it on a lift keeps it from being worn down by the water and waves, but your watercraft is still susceptible to harmful UV rays and debris much of the year.

One of the best ways to protect your boat from the sun and keep it clean is with a boat cover. However, traditional boat covers can often be difficult to use and can cause excess mildew build up over time. With many competing boat covers on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for your boat and lift setup.

With nearly 40 years in the industry, our Florida-based team has seen continued success and unmatched protection with the ShoreScreen Power Curtain: a remotely-operated mesh curtain system that works seamlessly alongside your existing boathouse or free-standing boat lift.

In this post, we’re going to look at five benefits of the ShoreScreen Power Curtain by ShoreStation, so you can know if it’s right for you and your watercraft.

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Prevents sun damage.
  3. Keeps your boat clean.
  4. Easy to store.
  5. Versatile.

ShoreStation is one of the leading boat lift manufacturers, providing quality free-standing and boathouse lifts, canopies, curtains and other accessories since 1959. Our team at R.J.’s has worked alongside them for almost 40 years and continues to recommend and install their products for their quality, durability and affordability.

1. Easy to use.

Unlike traditional boat covers, the ShoreScreen Power Curtain operates with the click of a button. The four mesh panels are mounted to the boathouse and hang down seven feet. The weighted curtains are operated with a remote, giving you easy access to your boat and seamless storage after a day on the water.


A retractable mesh cover hangs over a pontoon boat and is operated at the touch of a button

The Power Curtain covers your boat with the touch of a button.

2. Prevents sun damage.

The Power Curtain’s mesh panels help keep your boat out of the sun, preventing damage and excess heat. The panels block up to 80% of UV rays while also keeping out debris and insects.

A mesh boathouse shade covers a tritoon boat on a boat lift, keeping it out of the sun

The mesh curtains protect your watercraft from sun damage.

For more on how to protect and maintain your boat, check out our full maintenance guide and FAQ page.

3. Keeps your boat clean.

While touchless boat covers and other vinyl covers can protect your boat from the sun, they often lock in mildew and moisture, causing your boat to stay dirty and even become moldy. 

The ShoreScreen Power Curtain's mesh screen protects the boat from the sun, while allowing airflow to prevent mold and mildew build-up

The Power Curtain allows airflow and prevents mildew build-up.

The Power Curtain’s mesh panels allow airflow, keeping your boat mildew free. Some of our customers even report only having to rinse off their boat once or twice a year!

4. Easy to store.

In the event of a hurricane or bad weather, or if you’re planning on removing your boat from the lift for extended periods of time, it’s important that you store your lift accessories, such as your canopy (if you have a free-standing lift) or covers. The Power Curtain easily rolls up at the push of a button, and can be safely stored without having to remove it from the lift.


The boat screen rolls up at the touch of a button for easy storage

The weighted panels roll up for easy storage.

For tips on how to prepare your lift for a hurricane, check out this blog. Or, read the full guide to find out how to prepare your lift, whether you have a free-standing or boathouse lift, a jet-ski lift or a lift with a canopy.

5. Versatile.

Whether you have a boathouse lift or a free-standing lift, the ShoreScreen Power Curtain can help protect your watercraft. It securely mounts to your boathouse beams and hangs down seven feet from the roofline, creating 360 degrees of protection for your boat or jet ski.

The mesh boat curtain protects boats and jet skis on free-standing lifts and work alongside existing boat lift canopies

The Power Curtain works alongside free-standing and boathouse lifts.

It also works alongside your free-standing lift, whether you have a legacy canopy, a revolution canopy or something in-between.

Want to learn more? View the product page for the ShoreScreen Power Curtain here.

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