Should I Buy a Dock Lift for a Jet Ski? 5 Benefits of Dock-Mounted PWC Lifts

Should you buy a dock-mounted jet ski lift


Looking for a way to store your jet ski without breaking the bank? A manual PWC lift may be the perfect fit for you!

The Lil Lifter by Boat Hoist USA (BH-USA) is a versatile, affordable and sturdy option for storing your watercraft, no matter what your lake setup is.

  1. Can be installed anywhere
  2. Sturdy and lightweight
  3. Easily adjustable
  4. Easy to use
  5. Easy to maintain
BH-USA has been in business for nearly 45 years, specializing in boat lift motors, PWC lifts and everything else you might need to lift your watercraft safely and securely. Our team at R.J.s has used their products for more than 15 years and continues to trust them as one of our preferred manufacturers.

1. Can be installed anywhere.

The Lifter is a manual jet-ski lift that can be mounted to nearly any dock. It has a 7 ft. height lifting capacity, allowing you to use it alongside a taller dock or deeper water. The lift is manually operated by a wheel — so you don’t have to have power on your dock to use it!

A manual dock-mounted PWC lift for a jet-ski installed next to a wooden dock.
The Lil Lifter can be easily installed next to any dock, with our without power.
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2. Sturdy and lightweight.

The Lifter PWC lift is made of US 6061-T6 aluminum, making it sturdy and lightweight. Despite its small size, it can lift up to 1,200 lbs, allowing you to store your jet ski with ease. The aluminum construction is also corrosion-resistant, ensuring your lift will last for many years to come.

A dock-mounted lift for a jet-ski with carpeted bunks and a manual wheel
The Lifter is sturdy, lightweight jet-ski lift that can lift up to 1,200lbs.

3. Easily adjustable.

The Lifter’s 7 ft. lifting height means that you can adjust it when water levels change, allowing you constant access to your watercraft. The dock plate can also be raised or lowered to the desired wheel height to give you ideal access.

A dock-mounted jet-ski lift with corrosion-resistant aluminum and carpeted bunks for easy docking
The Lil Lifter can be adjusted to match your dock and your lake’s water height.

4. Easy to use.

With an aluminum winch wheel and rollers, the Manual Dockside Lil Lifter does all the heavy lifting. The wheel is easy to operate and can be adjusted to your ideal height. This dock-mounted jet-ski lift allows for drive on loading and unloading, making docking a breeze. Plus, the 5 ft. angled carpeted wooden bunks ensure your watercraft won’t be scraped or damaged as you come in to dock.

A manual wheel for operating a dock-mount PWC lift without power
The Lil Lifter makes lifting your watercraft easy and safe, even without power.
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5. Easy to maintain.

The Lifter requires little to no maintenance. The corrosion-resistant aluminum prevents rust, while the rollers provide smooth operation without requiring any lubrication, giving you more time on the water to enjoy your watercraft.

A dock-mounted manual PWC lift for a Seadoo jet ski
This PWC lift resists rust and requires little to no maintenance.

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If you want to learn more about this dock-mounted PWC lift, view our product page for the Lil Lifter here. For more information or to schedule a free estimate with our team, you can also call our office at 352-394-5666 or email our office manager at